Saturday 17 June 2017

Start enjoying Akweya music

It's not news to any Akweya that when you attend a church service, preaching might be done in Akweya, but singing is often in Idoma. Singing in Idoma is not bad in itself, but why can't we be consistent in how we want to run the service?

I know you can make reference to the Catholic church when the transition from Latin as God's unofficial official language happened. Priests and laypeople used to suffer from speaking in one language and chant hymns compulsorily in Latin. Of course, that sounded esoteric but anyone who wanted to pass a message knew that that language was not working.

So how do you do about Akweya? The onslaught against our language is phenomenal. Schools won't say an iota of a work about the language. The educational and legal systems will marginalise it. But why not we Akweya people?

A language dies when it is not spoken. Why is it a normal issue for Akweya people not to speak with themselves? Children shy away from speaking the language, mostly because Akweya parents don't teach them the right thing.

Do the right thing now. It's never too late.

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