Monday 25 March 2013

Elders take progressive step, allow filming Akpnmobe






Akpnmobe masquerade
The Akpnmobe masquerade coming into the arena for its grand performance
Akweya elders at the weekend did the most unprecedented: they allowed to become the first media organisation to document the Akpnmobe ancestral masquerade.

Historically, Akweya culture had prevented the documentation of most ancestral masquerades in pictures, video and audio formats.

The decision last weekend resulted from several shuttles and negotiations mediated by Dr Ochinya Odaba Ojiji, an academic with specialty in conflict resolution.


  1. This is really unprecedented!!!! What happened? or is it a bad omen? I need more explanation please?

  2. This decision was long over-due.

  3. Meeeeeen! You just cant imagine how much work you have saved me! Great work!!

  4. Anonymous1:24 pm

    The twenty-first millenium budge.Other clan should emulate.
    Otaka Otaka.

  5. Anonymous1:28 pm

    The twenty-first century millenium budge.Other clan should emulate.
    Otaka Otaka

  6. ediba jonathan.10:51 pm

    more of dis,pls akweya elders.i love it.proudly akweya.

  7. It 'll be better if all our masquerades are documente for the future generation, well, it's a good one keep it up.

  8. How do we get more pictures and video on this platform

  9. You can send us your email address through and you can be added as a contributor. You can then post directly in your name.


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