Wednesday 30 August 2023

THE REASON TO REASON By Comrade Ocheme Jackson

Who says we won’t grow?

Even the ears grow.

To be a ‘child’ is not a curse; for adulthood comes from childhood

Even the cursed are forgiven.

To be a learner is not shameful!

Most learners become teachers; even better teachers.

To lack is not the end of life!

Indigents have been seen to become philanthropists.

Akweya has come of age; proud AGE at that!

Akweya once POLITICALLY stunted, has grown; very tall at that

Akweya once seemed to be cursed, has been forgiven; with rewards at that

Akweya once a learner [seemingly], has become a teacher; with all eyes on her at that.

Akweya once adjudged indigent has become THE P H I L A N T H R O P I S T of a sudden.

Our seeming childishness results from our God given meekness not to rush

Our seeming learning for such a long time is a result of the lack of greed in us as a people

Our seeming being cursed for not occupying political positions was the period of sincere prayers to the Almighty

Our seeming indigent was a serious miscalculation because we have NEVER been indigent.

Politically,  Akweya has been the kingmaker, right from time of old.

Preferring to work for others instead of ‘ourselves’

Not known for speaking from both sides of our mouth

Not known for promising and failing

Not known for collecting money and scampering out of sight

The HEAVENS were recording our deeds

Now the rewards have been released

The Reason To Reason

How do we manage these divine benevolence?

The Reason To Reason

The time now is for governance

How our people govern is how others shall view us as a people

We must proof that we differ

The long wait should be sufficient for us to deliver

The reason To Reason

Our ‘brothers’ had the Senate, the HORs, State Assembly, Commissioners, Council chairman all AND at the same time in what the judiciary would term ‘concurrently’   

The Heavens didn’t fall

The Heavens won’t fall on our account

The Reason To Reason.

With the Commissioner of Finance, the World knows we have the eyes, ears and heart of the BOSS

With the twin in the Assembly, lobbying is easier

The world has said we are in the corridors of POWER

But I say we are in the sitting room of POWER

The Reason To Reason. 

The Council Chairman is hanging

Who says we can’t have it?

It’s ours by RIGHT

It’s ours by TURN

The Reason To Reason

In the home front we must look beyond party politics

The favored must look beyond nepotism

The favored must look beyond vendetta 

The favored must look beyond ego

The Reason To Reason.

Backbiters to keep off

Mud slingers to keep off

Blackmailers to keep off

Sycophants to keep off

The Reason To Reason 




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