Monday 8 July 2019

ACDA honours its visionary leader

History was made yesterday the 7/7/2019, as the immediate past Chairman of the Akpa Community Development Association (ACDA) Abuja Branch, Mr Friday Idah, marked his birthday amidst his community Ogyoma to say thank you for their support through out his 6 years term as the ACDA Chairman, Abuja Branch.

The community appreciated him for proving himself as a true son of Ogyoma and Akweya at large.

Mr Idah, widely considered one of the most inclusive and visionary leaders of the ACDA, was later conferred with a Chieftancy title, the "Oglaje'gwo 1 of Ogyoma".

We say, "Congratulations Sir!"
Reporting by Odeh Abah, ACDA PRO

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