Friday 15 December 2017

Why I will be a renowned gospel musician--Dickson

Dickson Elachofu Anoibi Matthew is a first-class graduate of biology from the Ahmadu Bello University (ABU) Zaria. He hails from Otobi-Akpa, Otukpo LGA of Benue State. Dickson recently released a strong gospel single from an album that will soon hit the market. In this interview with Odoh Diego Okenyodo for, he talks about his motivation and where he is heading with the propagation of the gospel.

 Tell us about yourself and how you got into music.

I've been in church from my childhood. I joined my local church choir after being promoted to the adult church as far back as 2006. I learnt how to play the piano, bass guitar and acoustic guitar, coupled with the musical
ability God gave me. I learnt how to play instruments without stress.

When I was promoted to the adult church, I was not very active in singing; I was mostly an instrumentalist. My music took another dimension when I went to the university. I graduated 2015 with a first class honours in BSC Biology.

Why did you choose gospel music as the appropriate medium for your musical expression?

I grew in the church, so whatever I do is 'churchy'. Serving God has been my priority so I do it unto the Lord. I have never thought of anything other than gospel. So I chose gospel music because I found out that God has engraced me to lead people to worship him.

You choose to release an English language song. Do you have other songs in the album that are done in your mother tongue?

Well, I thought of including one or two Akweya language songs. I can still do before the launch of the album but for now all the songs are in English. I have a lot of Akweya songs but my grand thought is that I will include them in my next album.

What's your view about how the gospel is being propagated in Akweyaland? Do you think Akweya evangelists are promoting enough of their language and culture within the church?

Well, the gospel is spreading in Akweya land. Newly established churches are not indigenous and, in such cases, we may not expect very much that they should use our culture and language. The indigenous evangelists that I have known use our language to preach and, in a case where they use English, there would be an interpreter.

For culture, I don't think they do much. Although there are traditional gospel singers and traditional percussion instruments used in church. In whatever case, the European way of worship gains a lot of ground in the gospel in Akweya land.

What is the mission of your music?

My mission is a set of tasks that fulfills a purpose. The mission of my music is to sing and lead God's people unto a platform where they understand and know how to give God true worship, not just in songs but also in lifestyle.

Through my ministrations, I trust God for the miraculous to happen. I do this via studio recordings and live ministration in churches, concerts and any other platform that suits God's presence.

How do you want to public to relate with your art? And where do you see yourself headed in the future?

I really want the public to knit together with my art, that's why I try to make my songs congregational so that anyone who listens to them can sing them at a go.
I see myself in the nearest future as a renowned and spirit-filled worship leader not for fame but in the impartation.

I see myself getting awards for my art. I see myself all over the world by God's grace.

Listen to the single here: 

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