Thursday 21 April 2016

Pictures from 1st Akweya women's conference

Young ladies of Akweya descent had fun participating in the conference.
National President of Akpa Community Development Association (ACDA), Barr. Aba Ejembi (middle), flanked by immediate predecessor, Dr Sam Ogiri, and the President of ACDA Women's Wing, Mrs Stella Ogiri, who initiated the women's conference.

Ms Ochanya Erukpe supervised the cooking competition, which saw Ogyoma come first, Inaachi second, Adim third,a nd Akwete fourth.

Medical outreach teams administered services to hundreds of villagers.

The women looked like queens in their outfits. Ogyoma women came first in dance as well as cooking competition.

Exhibition of some classic Akweya foodstuff such as igyangada also took place.
The men provided all the needed support with royal fathers gracing the occasion.

Set to cook: Mama Mary Idoko prepared the food that won the cooking competition

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St Fidelis Youth Choir performing.


  1. onaji godwin is my name from EGBLA akpa (the origin of akweya )
    this is fantastic as this has being our long awaiting expectations in the area of akweya cultural heritage
    in a nutshell I will say this is just
    a stepping stone to a claim a better and a bigger akweya in shortest trickle of time
    in conclusion I support akweya and it's inhabitants which am one
    to promote our culture and advancement in our modern dispensation
    I hereby wish to create an interactive website for the akweya
    internet client user
    thank you all


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