Monday 14 December 2015

Why we are organising Akweya Children’s Carnival--Ochanya

Ms Ochanya Erukpe is the beautiful brain behind the first ever Akweya Children's Carnival which is billed for the 26th of December 2015 in Otobi, Otukpo Local Government Area. Born of Akweya parents, this enterprising young graduate of industrial design is ready to take the entertainment world by storm. She spoke exclusively with about how she will achieve this:

What's the inspiration behind the children's carnival you're organising?

I was inspired by two things: one, fear; two, passion.... I am aware of our language and its rich cultural heritage going completely extinct. The thought of our present and future children knowing little or nothing about our rich culture …the thought of that scares me.

You have chosen to organise this in the village, instead of an urban area like Makurdi, Abuja or Kaduna. Why?

Like they say, charity begins at home. I saw a need, the need to do something positive towards sustaining our cultural heritage. Particularly, I thought of Proverbs 22:6 which says, “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he grow, he will never depart from it". I want to use this opportunity to make children in the village feel happy, and attract other youths to go home. That is the way our land and our culture can remain alive.

While growing up, did you experience carnivals like this?

Naah! There was none. That is why I am organising this one. Every generation has to make life better for the ones coming after them.

How frequently will this carnival hold and do you think it will be successful?

The Akweya Children’s Carnival is going to be a yearly event. And by God’s grace with the kind of huge support from all the illustrious sons and daughters of the Great Akweya nation, this carnival will be a success. The response has been beyond my expectation. We have already gotten commitment from organisations such as the Okenyodo Foundation to sponsor some t-shirts and even some prizes for the Akweya Alphabet competition, which will be a part of the carnival. Other support and partnerships are being expected.

You are also into other businesses. Please, tell us about them.

I am a graduate of industrial design. I have a fashion house, Huz of Ochyiepearl. I am into movie costumes and am also into extreme movie makeup. And I am also working on a project for Easter Sunday in Benue State, the Idoma Entertainment Award 2016.

What's your word to other Akweya people?

To all my Akweya people. Let us come together to build the great Akweya nation with all we’ve got.

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  1. It's laudable... I commend her courage at giving this a shot... The flip side of this the boost in the economy of the village during this period.. opportunities for petty traders to make some more dough...


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