Monday 28 December 2015

Today's Akweya word: imuru

Imuru is the Akweya word for rat. That is different from ogrikpo, which is used for mouse. Interestingly, imuru sounds like muridae, which is the family to which zoologists classify rats and mice.

According to the article quoted above from Wikipedia, "The Muridae, or murids, are the largest family of rodents and indeed of mammals, containing over 700 species found naturally throughout Eurasia, Africa, and Australia."

No wonder, when the Akweya people go
hunting game, there are various types of imuru that are brought back home. This often includes imuru owyiowyi (red rat). Which other types of rat do you know in Akweya? Let's read from you in the comments below.

The Wikipedia article also says the name Muridae comes from the Latin word mus (genitive muris), which means "mouse".

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  1. These are unspoken elements of African traditional names taken from us to the west and refined. This is another disgrace.Vancouver Ter Allam.


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