Tuesday 29 July 2014

Who's going to translate the Bible in Akweya?

This afternoon, I was looking through the internet for any mention of Akweya. I found a lot of interesting things. Individuals in Kenya are named Akweya; Akweya is the mother family of some languages, and not the other way round; etc.

The latter discovery has always been of interest to me since I observe that language always develops to become simpler but richer by absorbing the idiosyncrasies of other languages. Why, I always ask, would one say that Akweya descended from larger languages when it should be the other way round? Anyway, I have not studied this scientifically so I can't discuss this in detail today.
Where is the Bible in Akweya language?

The interesting thing today is the screen shot that I have posted here: The absence of the Bible in Akweya when actually almost all Akweya people are Christians or profess Christianity. I know there are some agnostics but, for the number of people who say they are Christians in Akweyaland, why has no one taken it upon themselves to translate even one chapter of the most translated book in the world?

That's my challenge today. Do you want to do it? Send me a mail at akweyainfo@akweya.com. We can work out a publishing arrangement. 

A language dies, not because somebody takes it from you, but because you refuse to use it. If we do not use Akweya in worship, in music, and in everyday speech among our children and in our communication to God, let us not weep tomorrow when we find no one speaking the language.

Odoh Diego Okenyodo

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